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2/20/2018 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 2/20/2018 1:04:54 PM CENTRAL
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PCMH ER Renovation Beginning Mid-March

Beginning in the middle of March, the Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) Emergency Department will begin undergoing a complete rebuild.  This construction project will be completed by Robinson Construction under a Construction Management arrangement, and will take approximately six months to complete.

While construction is underway, PCMH will manage all emergency care services through a temporary ER Department that is presently being constructed on site and immediately adjacent to the present ER.  The temporary unit is a prefabricated, 3024 square foot building measuring 48 feet by 63 feet.  It was constructed in Georgia specifically for this purpose.   

This temporary building satisfies all required healthcare building code.  The Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, following the Federal Guidelines, approved the design of the building and will provide final inspections before occupancy.  Additionally, the Missouri Department of Public Safety has approved the building for use and will complete final site inspections before occupancy.

When considering a complete Emergency Department rebuild, PCMH weighed an 18 month, multi-phased construction approach against a six month single phase program.  Given the known construction inconveniences, the leaders chose a single phased option utilizing a freestanding, temporary department to avoid risking patient safety and patient inconvenience.

“At times, ER patients are very frail and vulnerable.  We felt compromising this care environment with the typical challenges of construction would pose too great of a risk to patient safety, and may contribute to an undesirable impact on someone’s health,” according to Patrick Carron, PCMH President and CEO.

The present ER is nearly 30 years old, and has its limitations.  Several significant improvements will be noticed by patients with the new unit:

  • Enclosed ambulance bay to protect patients and staff from the outdoor elements.
  • Improved design, which places the ER receptionist and triage nurse in better contact with the waiting room.  This will ensure waiting patients have proper oversight and families have better communication with care staff.
  • Improved security systems and office area for oversight and management of the ER and hospital campus.
  • Additional observation care rooms for patients needing treatment before discharge or to initiate care before hospital admission.
  • Improved ventilation systems to prevent the spread of infections and/or to increase the protection of immune-compromised patients.
  • The employment of new construction materials which resists bacteria and viruses, thus reducing the transmission of germs.
  • Unique rooms designed for specific types of emergency conditions.
  • Improved facilities for non-emergent services requiring day and night access, such as DOT Screenings.
  • New and improved patient monitoring equipment.

“With the location of this temporary unit being immediately adjacent to our current ER, we feel the community will need little assistance in making the transition to this building, and then eventually back to the permanent ER once construction is complete,” Carron stated.  “There will be adequate signage, lighting, and a limited impact on parking to ease matters during these transitions.” 

Carron further explained, “As with all construction activity, special care and attention will be given to facilitate patient care around the construction site.  Our partners in building have demonstrated exceptional attention to the needs of our patients.  I am confident this project will be no different.”

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