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4/6/2016 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 8/8/2017 10:02:29 AM CENTRAL
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Phishing Email Scam Not Related to Patient or Medical Information
Perryville, MO - Recently, an unauthorized third party may have received certain information on PCMH’s current and some former employees. The only information at issue was the hospital’s employee information. No patient information was exposed or at risk. Perry County Memorial Hospital immediately commenced an investigation. This investigation is ongoing.

According to Patrick Carron, PCMH President and CEO, “the privacy and security of all information entrusted to Perry County Memorial Hospital is of utmost importance to us, including our employees’ personal information, and we will continue to take significant measures to protect that information.”

“To be more specific, a phishing email scam may have compromised a file containing PCMH’s 2015 W-2 records. This threat was limited to only that personnel tax information, and not patient records nor hospital business information. Through PCMH’s cyber liability insurance plan, a claim has been filed and its purpose is to further protect and secure every PCMH employee’s personal identity,” reported Patrick Carron, PCMH President and CEO.

“As advised by our insurance carrier, every PCMH employee from 2015 is encouraged to file a local police report with their specific information. This may result in 505 police report filings. To prepare for this volume, PCMH leadership met with Perryville Police preparing and facilitating this process which will hopefully result in a significant number of police reports being filed,” according to Carron.

“Although the identity protection of PCMH employees is of utmost importance, I reiterate that the security of PCMH’s patient and medical information was not threatened nor compromised in any known way by this incident. Additional security, surveillance and monitoring of hospital information has occurred as a result of this cyber threat. Business associates and patients of PCMH have no reason to be concerned for the security of their information held with PCMH,” Carron stated.