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3/26/2018 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 3/26/2018 1:10:43 PM CENTRAL
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PCMH Expanding Services

In January, Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH), purchased the Dean Office Building located at 519 N. Main Street, Perryville.  The building is undergoing renovations to serve two particular needs in the near future.  Part of the building will be renovated to serve as physician medical office space to support visiting specialists.  The remaining portion of the building will be renovated for the purpose of expanding PCMH’s limited durable medical equipment program into a full line of medical equipment lease, sales, and service. 

Although PCMH has recently expanded their campus physician offices, it continues to have difficulty identifying space to accommodate its growing lineup of physicians.  “To meet the expanding medical needs of our community, we always want to have well designed, safe, and convenient physician office space available for our employed and contracted physicians, as well as for those other consulting specialists who visit Perryville intermittently,” stated Patrick Carron, PCMH President and CEO.

For nearly 20 years, PCMH has offered a limited durable medical equipment service that operates in conjunction with Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy.  “In coordinating patient care and managing the patient’s recovery, having a high quality medical equipment service available, that is deployed and managed by well-trained healthcare personnel, is often a crucial element in affecting the most outstanding, overall patient outcome.  With expanding this service and bringing together strategic partners in the field, PCMH hopes to improve the level of service locally available to our patients,” Carron stated. 

PCMH has begun a partnership with MedX, a regional medical equipment provider, to serve as its operating arm in expanding their medical equipment line of service.  “This partnership will bring a high level of skill and experience to the community, and does so economically through limited duplication of warehousing, administration, and oversight.   MedX has a system of care and attention-to-detail in place that has resulted in a very high level of patient satisfaction in the other markets they serve.  Additionally, they maintain a level of accreditation required to be partnering with PCMH, a Joint Commission Accredited facility,” according to Carron. 

Changes in the durable medical equipment industry have challenged many providers.  From a business perspective, the changing national provider landscape could jeopardize the local availability of DME services.  The direction taken by some national providers has created increased uncertainty, especially in the rural markets.  Carron further explained, “We believe our expanded entry into this market will add stability to this service line.  Local control and accountability, as well, should add to the stability and insure local availability of medical equipment for our customers.”

More details of this evolving service line will be forthcoming, including the introduction of PCMH’s local service and caregiving team as well as dates for the opening of the retail location.