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2/25/2013 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 2/25/2013 7:31:20 PM CENTRAL
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Unger Appointed to PCMH Board

Perry County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Unger to the PCMH Board of Trustees.

Unger will be filling the seat previously held by Dr. Keith Moeckel who now serves as Secretary on the Not-for-Profit Perry County Health System Board.

Unger is from Frohna, Missouri and is co-owner of US Electric. His career principally revolves around construction and electrical services. Unger has been active in the Jaycee’s Club of Cape Girardeau, Eastern Perry County civic organizations and the East Perry Fair Board.  He also assisted in the development of a First Responder program for East Perry, which continues to serve the community. 

Unger expressed interest in serving on the Perry County Memorial Hospital Board noting his continuing commitment to build a strong community rooted in a solid infrastructure servicing the larger Perry County community. 

“Working as a first responder with the Fire Department, I often worked alongside the ambulance crew. My interest in becoming involved with the hospital by serving on the board stemmed from that involvement,” said Unger. “Thus far, I have been impressed with the organization. I am excited to continue to learn about PCMH and contribute on the board.”

Unger’s duties include overseeing quality and financial aspects of the hospital. He serves with fellow board members Steve Rozier, Anna Zoellner, Beth Guth and Tim Brewer.

“A board member’s position is two-fold,” said Patrick Carron, President/CEO of Perry County Health System. “They have an ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the overall operational aspects of the hospital. They also have an ultimate responsibility for the quality of care received under the direction of the system.  The board acts as a group.  They can individually influence actions and the direction of the hospital, but ultimately, the board moves as a group in providing the hospital overall strategic guidance.”

Unger has been serving in his newly appointed position since November 2012. The two hospital boards meet together on a monthly basis, although they travel for board education and training two to three times per year.  A public board member’s term is five years; although Unger is filling a seat vacated by Dr. Moeckel and will now be required to run in the upcoming April election to receive the formal appointment to complete the seat’s term of two years. 

Perry County Health System, dba Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH), is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, critical access hospital located in Perryville, Missouri.  Perry County Health System includes Perry County Memorial Hospital, the physician practices found on the PCMH Campus, Perry County Dialysis and Counseling Center, the Perry County Memorial Hospital Ambulance Service, Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy and more.  PCMH is committed to providing quality healthcare to the community, and has been in operation since 1951.  For more information, visit or find PCMH on Facebook.