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8/23/2018 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 8/23/2018 11:38:04 AM CENTRAL
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Perry County Memorial Hospital Seeing End of Era

Shearry Kridelbaugh has been a familiar face to Perry County for nearly 30 years.  In her first role with Perry County Memorial Hospital (PCMH), she was an Outreach Coordinator holding monthly screenings throughout the community.  She hosted regular presentations with varying topics that were of interest to Perry County’s older adult population.  Shearry also managed the Adult Day Care Program hosted on the St. Vincent Campus until an Assisted Living program was available through Independence Care Center and SV needed their space for other programs.  She even helped individuals complete Living Wills and Advanced Directives.  Currently, she oversees the PCMH Auxiliary programs, manages PerryCo Estates and organizes activities for the residents there.  She also manages the Courtesy Car service.  But where most people see Shearry is at the volunteer desk and the gift shop at PCMH.  This is where her heart is and you can tell by her smile when you see her there. 

Shearry began her career at PCMH as an RN in a partially grant-supported position in Community Outreach.  When Shirley Meyer retired 23 years ago, Shearry took on the responsibilities of leading the Auxiliary.  That entity evolved over time to include the addition of the Courtesy Car service, Medi-Alert monitoring, expanded gift shop sales, and most recently, the addition of Perry Co Estates.  While her job responsibilities changed, one responsibility did not.  She remains a constant resource for Perry County’s older adult population. 

During the time that Shearry was involved with the PCMH Auxiliary, she met many wonderful people with amazing talents that served our Auxiliary well.  Throughout the last 13 years alone, the Auxiliary donated over $400,000 towards the purchase of a variety of items for the hospital including three new courtesy cars for use in the community.  Additionally, the Auxiliary has awarded over $45,000 in scholarships to area high school seniors.

While Shearry has seen many changes through her years at PCMH, she is ready to see one more – her retirement at the end of December.  Her roles will once again change as she increases her time at home and less time on the road traveling to and from Perryville.  “Shearry has been a one-of-a-kind to PCMH.  She has accomplished so much while managing our volunteer functions over the years and taking on new challenges.  She handles stressors and day to day matters with class and compassion.  She deserves the ‘Most Courteous Person of the Year’ award if there ever were one,” commented Patrick Carron, PCMH President/CEO.  “Shearry will be missed, but I am sure she will reappear in pink!! PCMH appreciates all the time, effort, and work Shearry has dedicated to improve the services that PCMH offers to the community, and we wish her well in her retirement.”