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11/13/2018 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 11/13/2018 8:11:38 AM CENTRAL
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Three Missouri Health Care Organizations Recognized For Quality Improvement Achievements

Three Missouri health care organizations have been recognized with the Missouri Hospital Association’s Aim for Excellence Award for delivery of improved population health, patient outcomes and experience, and value of care. The award recognizes progress toward the Triple Aim — better health, improved care and lower cost. The awards were presented Thursday, Nov. 8, during MHA’s 96th Annual Convention & Trade Show in Osage Beach, Mo.

“The Aim for Excellence Award embodies Missouri hospitals’ commitment to improving care through the Triple Aim,” said Herb B. Kuhn, MHA President and CEO. “This year’s award recipients reflect the diverse approaches being taken to create a more effective health delivery system.”

Perry County Memorial Hospital
Perryville, Mo.
Clinical Excellence — Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Hospitals

Perry County Memorial Hospital designed and implemented a program to improve the health and quality of life for the most vulnerable older adults in their community by targeting those at risk for frailty. Through a geriatric rapid assessment tool, the hospital established a systematic approach for early identification and intervention of at-risk older adults, using health care workforce education, an inter-professional assessment team and rapid screenings. The program used the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits as an opportunity to increase identification and assessment, and to deliver targeted interventions. Using the system, the hospital screened 29 percent of the 3,000 older adults in its primary care system and increased wellness visits by 81 percent. At risk older adults were invited to participate in specialized programs for individuals with moderate to severe cognitive and functional limitations. More than 150 older adults are participating. 

Photo: Debbie Hayden, Director of Occupational Therapy; Janice Lundy, Director of Social Work and Geriatric Care care Management; and Patrick Carron, President and CEO, accept the Aim for Excellence Award.

Springfield, Mo. 
Clinical Excellence — Small and Large Metropolitan Hospitals

To decrease length of stay and increase patient satisfaction, CoxHealth created a dedicated cardiovascular observation unit to manage patients arriving with chest pain. The hospital improved care coordination by centralizing chest pain patient management and by hiring two cardiologists and three nurse practitioners to manage the dedicated cardiac observation and care. The unit works closely with the emergency department to evaluate and direct patients to appropriate inpatient care, observation, or care and discharge. The program has decreased the use of cardiac testing, opened access to inpatient beds throughout the hospital and reduced readmissions for heart-related care. At the same time, patient and unit nurse staff satisfaction increased significantly. 

Photo: Steve Edwards, President and CEO; Becky Watts, Administrative Director of Cardiovascular Services; Trina Hargis, Nurse Manager; and Jeff Hawkins, Vice President of Clinical Services at CoxHealth receive the Aim for Excellence Award. 

St. Louis
Clinical Excellence – Care Collaborative or Health System

Mercy identified hospital-onset Clostridium difficile as a problem across its multistate, multifacility health care system. Health system leaders recognized that C. diff infections had substantial negative effects on patients and health care costs. However, they believed these community- and hospital-acquired infections could be prevented through the alignment of the right people, processes and technologies. To reduce risk and harm, the system identified patients with a high risk of C. diff and implemented hand and patient room cleaning protocols to reduce the infection within hospitals. The program led to a 66 percent decrease in C. diff, improving the lives of 488 at-risk patients and saving an estimated $11 million in harm-related care since its inception.

Photo: Fran Hixson, Director of Clinical Quality, and Peter Brawer, Ph.D., Vice President of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety for Mercy accept the Aim for Excellence Award.

Perry County Memorial Hospital 
tribute video of the award winners is available. 

tribute video of the award winners is available. 

tribute video of the award winners is available.